WNU BTS: Summer 21 Shoot

Malibu, California.

Recommended season: 
High Summer

Average temperature: 
25 degrees

Distance from WNU HQ: 
5,456 miles
To Pack: 
It's got to be the Cabana for its versatility. Open over a bikini with flip flops, over a silk slip with strappy heels or just buttoned down and tucked into denim.
Headed to the beach? Even if you're not going for a dip, the Towel is your best friend. Wear it as a set or swap the Cabana shirt out for a classic oversized Linen White shirt.

To Do: 
Get up early and do the Los Leones Hiking trail, getting to the top just in time for sunrise. It's an early start we know but trust us the view makes it all worth it. 

To Sit: 
Pick a beach. Any beach. They are all breathtaking to look at and the sound of the waves is almost meditative.

Day Trip: 
You'll thank us for this one - a walk with wine to-go at the end. Oh yes. You get to take in the beautiful views of Saddlerock Ranch and then reward yourself with a crisp glass of vino! Plus there's usually live music and food.
(This is America though so this ones for the over 21s - sorry!)
The Summer Shoot, behind the scenes…..
Shot by Annabel Snoxall on film in Malibu, USA in April 2021.
As the UK was still coming out of lockdown and living with restricted measures (not to mention the very British weather we've had too) the time and place could not have been more off for shooting our Summer collection. So, we returned to our old tried and tested tricks and sent our samples off to our amazing photographer Annabel, who at the time happened to be in LA...

From the heat of the midday sun until the golden hour glow of that West Coast sunset, Malibu beach bought the vision of our Summer collection to life, evoking the sense freedom we’ve all been longing for. 

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