WNU DNA: Valentine’s Day & Heart Research UK 2022

With love…

At the most romantic time of the year, it will come as no surprise that we love love and that’s why we are back again with our exclusive Valentine’s Day limited edition bespoke shirts! 
Our three styles are the perfect personal touch to add to your shirts - something that they can wear and cherish forever, creating a beautiful gift for your lover, sister, friend or whoever you want to say “I love you” to this year.

And when you buy your loved one a bespoke WNU shirt, we will be sharing the love too by donating 20% of the profits to our chosen charity, Heart Research UK
That means when you buy one of our Valentine’s Day shirts, a portion of your money will be put towards funding pioneering heart research. It seems love really does make the world go round, huh? ❤️

Heart Research UK and Covid-19

Heart Research UK is a charity dedicated to taking on heart disease. They know research works and that their work is vital, but there’s a lot more still to be done as cardiovascular disease kills more than one in four people in the UK, and coronary heart disease is one of the UK’s single biggest killers. 

However, in 2020, like every other charity, Heart Research UK was hit with the devastating impact of the pandemic, making it increasingly difficult for scientists to do their research and for volunteers to fundraise as they used to. 

Covid-related research showed that people with cardiovascular conditions, including high blood pressure, have a higher chance of developing severe Covid-19 and that Covid-19 can also cause ‘new’ damage to the heart and blood vessels in people who have no pre-existing disease.


With this information in mind, in 2021 Heart Research UK adapted and went on to award over £500,000 to fund pioneering research to investigate these links and improve outcomes for patients suffering from COVID-19 who may have underlying cardiovascular problems.

Year on year this charity dedicates it's work to those living with or at risk of heart disease, a condition that can affect anyone, and WNU is proud to be supporting them again this year. 
If you would like to donate directly to Heart Research UK, please feel free to do so by visiting their website here

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