WNU Wear: Styling your white shirt for Autumn


 Fall-ing for this transitional styling season

With the air cooling down, our days getting shorter and the sky definitely being more grey than blue, we can no longer deny it - Autumn has arrived. 
Transitioning into the colder days means we need to be prepared to adjust to a myriad of weather changes (read: rain, at any point) at the drop of a hat and we intend to do so in style. Thankfully, this is our favourite time of year to get dressed. Think trench coats, wool blazers, long boots, lots of shirts and lots of layering.
One thing we always wear this time of year is an oversized white shirt. 
You see, the great thing about a white shirt is that it can be worn all year round, it just needs the right styling to take you to whichever season you are in. (Very much a wardrobe staple). Don’t believe us? Scroll down to see the three autumnal outfits that we’ll be wearing on repeat over the next few months - and yes, they are all styled with white shirts…

Keep it Classic

What shirt would be a better choice for this outfit than our aptly named The Classic. Made out of cotton as crisp as the leaves under your loafers, this shirt will seamlessly transition into being one of your most worn items in your wardrobe. Style it with a pair of corduroy trousers and an oversized trench coat for the tried-and-tested British autumnal uniform.


The Shirt: The Classic

The Look: Most Trench Coat, Aggi Trousers, Saint G Loafers, Fairfax & Favor Belt

In-VESTing in knits

 The minute that you can see your breath in the cold, it’s time to throw a knitted vest on over our best selling Boyfriend shirt. (And, like a reflex, tell everyone in the vicinity that it’s so cold that you can see your breath). 

Once layered up, pull on some dark blue jeans and a trusted pair of lace up boots.

The Shirt: The Boyfriend


Blazing through the cold 

We cannot understate the pull that oversized blazers have on us this season. Admittedly we have a bit of a thing for oversized clothes. The masculine cut compliments our Weekend shirt perfectly, especially when it has been tucked into some light-washed denim. Before you know it, you’ll look like you walked out of a 90’s romcom. Excuse us - we are off to watch Meg Ryan in any of her films now.


The Shirt: The Weekend

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