WNU Wear: Our style icon Carolyn Bessette Kennedy

90s minimalist fashion moodboards cannot exist without reference images of the ever-impeccably dressed Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. Nor can I ever think about what I want to wear tomorrow and not immediately refer to the ultimate WNU woman, whose style has undoubtedly defined my workwear uniform

There’s just something about CBK, isn’t there? Her nonchalant approach to dressing, the effortlessly thrown on wardrobe staples, hair worn loosely down and her fresh kept face. She was the definition of the “off duty” look.

Nostalgic monologue over, we have delved into our favourite outfits from WNU’s original style icon and have paired the perfect shirt for each category for you, so you too can emulate these classic looks.


A style champion in NYC’s famously cold season, CBK shows us that if you’re not layering, you’re not doing it right. Go for your failsafe denim jeans and black boots, preferably a knee-high pair, then rotate daily between a polo neck, woollen jacket or a scarf (occasionally all three may be required). She also quite immaculately demonstrates that you can still be synonymous with 90s minimalist fashion and wear a statement coat.

It’s Winter, needs must. Grab one of our unbelievably cosy block colour Brushed shirts for this. 


No one does casual wear like Carolyn. Strip your colour palette way back and stick to monochrome, weaving in your earthy shades of blues and browns. Bonus points if you stick to your natural materials too - soft cotton, corduroy, denim and fleece. Final touches? Oval sunglasses, ofc. 

Rely on the best selling Weave shirt here; it's easy to throw on all year round and will perfectly encapsulate that look of everyday elegance we want to achieve.


In true Carolyn style, we’re keeping it classic for our after hours events. A strict rule of black or white applies, as does strong tailoring and clean lines. CBK says no to over-accessorising too btw, so make sure you pair back your jewellery if not remove it altogether. Oh and we’ll also be adding a rouge colour to our lips.

It goes without saying that the silks are the height of evening wear, but the meticulous tailoring of our Poplin shirts can elevate any outfit.

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