WNU Wear: The statement to go with your staple

 Crisp white shirts. Trench coats. Patterned trousers. Mini skirts.
Like bread & butter or Eddie & Patsy our wardrobes consist of staple and statement pieces that just. make. sense. together. And, depending on the occasion, our shirts could be either…
So, how are you wearing yours?


For this look it is all about the trousers. Go bold, go big, make heads turn. When you think they’re borderline too much, that’s when you know you’ve picked the right pants. Because although it seems a lot, by pairing them with a classic white shirt you achieve the perfect juxtaposition between maximalism and minimalism. 

The shirt: We’d opt for The Boyfriend: Weave White on this occasion, as it's super easy to dress up or down depending on what style of statement trouser you go for.

Our top trouser reccs: for a bold pattern try
Indoi, for a bold colour try Sleeper’s trousers, for a bold pattern in bold colours try HaHause and if you’re into stripes then bag yourself these from Perfect Nomad.


They’re back again baby! And they are a great basic to compliment our patterned shirts…. A little black miniskirt + oversized shirt = effortlessly chic. Think French Vogue.
For party season, you can swap the focus by opting for a simple block colour shirt paired with a statement sequin mini. See you at the bar.

The shirt: Throw on The Boyfriend: Brushed Forest Green Plaid if the shirt is the statement in this ensemble.

Make sure it’s a mini: When it comes to the LBM’s (AKA little black miniskirts) you need
Mother of Pearl for denim or Aligne for leather. For the sequins? Head over to Vestiaire Collective to nab yourself a unique pre-loved party piece.


Do not be afraid! You won’t automatically look like you have joined a Hells Angels biker club, and you won’t get stuck in them like Ross did in Friends,
just keep away from the talc, guys. There is just something undeniably cool about the pairing of a black leather trouser with a crisp cotton shirt. Go on, you know you want to.

The shirt: Any shirt would work for this, particularly if you stick to black leather, but at the moment we are loving pairing these with our block colour linens - The Boyfriend: Linen Sage above is looking particularly chic.

Not-necessarily-real-leather: Everyone in the office knows that wearing leather trousers basically substitutes a ⅓ of my personality, so I am telling you to add these trousers to your basket now (before I buy them all) - Nanushka,
Zeffon, Caes.


The statement piece doesn’t have to be clothes… elevate your entire look with the focus on your décolletage. Open up the top few buttons of your crisp collar to reveal your favourite necklace - or necklaces - creating a beautiful contrast between the jewellery and the classic shirt. In the words of Matthew McConaughey in ‘How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days’ (AKA the best rom com to ever exist), “Go frost yourself”.
N.B. This works for the cuffs too. 

The shirt: There's something quite beautiful about wearing elegant jewellery that’s usually reserved for nice dinners with our most sumptuously comfy shirt, which is why we would wrap up in The Boyfriend: Fine Brushed Oat for this look.

All the jewels: The beautiful necklaces above are mostly from Jessica McCormack, but other great places you should definitely browse are Bear Brooksbank, Kimai and Vrai. And if you would rather go offline, then take a trip down the Brighton lanes to fall down an antique-jewellery-shop rabbit hole.


WNU is the brand for shirts. We are all about simplicity and creating pieces you can keep for a lifetime, which is why our shirts are often thought of as wardrobe staples and even sometimes a key part of your daily uniform. But that is not to say that the shirt can’t take centre stage once in a while… In two beautifully bold - yet extremely wearable - colours and a tonal plaid pattern, this is where The Boyfriend: Brushed Plaid collection comes in. Take a look at our newest shirts now to pick which one you will be wearing this Autumn.

No links are affiliate or sponsored, just pretty great brands with pretty great stuff. See it as my shopping wish list if you will.

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