It’s beginning to look a lot like you need to get your act together, eveeerywhere you go. 

And by everywhere we mean every town with Christmas lights, every radio song, every TV advert and every single email subject line we receive from now until we clock off on 24th December promptly at 4:59pm. (Oh and to my boss, if you’re reading this, consider this my official OOO warning).

There are two types of people at Christmas. The ‘I’ve been listening to Christmas music everyday since 1st November’ person or the ‘Ebenezer Scrooge is my spirit animal’ person and there is no in between. Aaaand most likely you and your work wife are the opposite and you respectively find it a major issue. We don’t make the rules, that’s just the way the world works. 

However, regardless of which side you slot into, you are still almost certainly going to start buying presents for your favourite people soon. Because hey, ‘tis the season.

Our favourite Christmas films do shirting. Admittedly a loose interpretation but I will take any excuse to search images of Christmas films all day.

What kind of present buyer are you?

Now we can’t all be the person who has every extended family member’s presents bought by the end of September, with all of their Christmas cards already sent out and delivered. Seriously, are we meant to have our boyfriend’s mum’s ‘next door but one’ neighbour on our card list? 

And very few of us can all be the master present wrappers with matching paper per person, individual name tags and the most perfect curly ribbons (we will never master that scissor manoeuvre, one for the New Year’s resolution maybe...) 

Oh, and you really don’t want to be that one person who turns up empty handed every year, is miserable, gets drunk in the corner of the room drinking everyone else’s alcohol, and doesn't get anyone a present ever*.

You do, however, want to be addressed as the following when you receive your thank you cards in the new year: Circle where applicable.
“To simply the most amazing [ Mum / Favourite Aunt / world’s best sibling / boyfriend-but-after-this-gift-can-you-be-my-husband? / BFF / go to coffee-and-gossip break colleague / cousin that I always hope is at family functions / Uncle who I can’t quite believe remembered to buy this ] how did you get it SO right?!”

But how on earth can you achieve such an accolade to be written about you in the thank you card? 

Enter WNU and our specially curated Gift Guide. Suited to varying budgets and the various women in your life looking for the perfect shirt, discover everything we have on offer to make sure you are the favourite gift-giver this Christmas...

*If this, however, is you… fancy looking for yourself? Go on, you deserve it. We’re very pro self gifting and it’s not as if you’re going to be spending money on anyone else.


The one on their wish list

WNU champions shirting for women. You could say it’s kind of our ‘thing’, so, we’re guessing you're here for one of two reasons:
1. The lucky woman you want to buy this for has left you some less than subtle hints that it’s on her wish list; including but not limited to, telling you about it, leaving her laptop open with our website up, sharing one of our instagram posts with you, talking excessively loudly about her Christmas wish list when she’s on the phone in the next room and just asking you to buy it for her.
2. Or, you have heard about us or own one of our shirts yourself and want to share your new favourite wardrobe piece with your favourite person. Good call. 

Whichever reason got you here, welcome. We’re glad you found us. Please find all of our shirts right here for you to shop now

The only thing better than a WNU shirt is lots of WNU shirts

Sometimes you need a present that’s really going to knock it out the park, something to show them you really care and that’s where our bundles come in. It doesn't really get better than when a present is actually multiple presents in one go, so whether it would be her first or seventh shirt from us, this gift is guaranteed to take you from a “Aw thank you” to a “OMG I can’t believe you got this for me!”
And we have something for every kind of woman in your life! The Best-sellers for those who need a wardrobe refresh, the Weekend for the girls who live for lazy Saturdays and Sundays and if you’re off on holiday, then check out the Travel bundle.

Or maybe you are eyeing up our workwear edit? Perhaps your girlfriend just received the most incredible Christmas bonus ever. Or maybe your daughter landed her dream position on that top grad scheme! Get their new work year off to the best start with our crisp shirts, designed to look sharp in the boardroom. (Another bonus, is they can then browse our back to office style ideas)

The best things come in small packages

Are you looking for a stocking filler? Or perhaps just a smaller something to pop under the tree? Then take a look at our selection of smaller gifts, so they can unwrap a little bit of WNU this year. 

Check out our cute boxer shorts, super comfy to lounge around the house in all day (that time between Christmas and New Year’s, helloooo), and made from our best-selling weave fabric which is perfect to wear all year round. These are great on their own or could be part of a joint or bigger present if you pair them with the Linen Grapefruit to create a set!

Or take a look at our WNU Tote bags! Really spacious (they hold 8 bottles of  rosé, we checked), this could be their everyday bag no matter what they use it for. At a lower price point this bag is ideal for Secret Santa’s with price caps, and it can easily be your go to present if you’re the kind of person who likes to buy everyone the same thing – if you have two daughters, or are a sister yourself, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

PSA: WNU team, whoever has me for Secret Santa this year… I hope you’re taking notes...

The gifts they can pick themselves

We get it. You love her. She loves our shirts. To show you love her you want to get her one. Simple right? Except, you aren’t completely sure which one she particularly wants and you desperately don’t want to get it wrong. And don’t even start on what size to get! Yes, yes there is an extended Christmas returns time frame but you so don’t want to get that wrong either… 

My friend, I think it’s time you familiarised yourself with our Gift Cards. Choose between our two options of either a lovingly handwritten letter or an easy print at home note at a price to suit your budget between £50-500. 
The best part? She gets to pick exactly what she wants.

Get them the shirt they can dress up for Christmas Day dinner. Or the shirt and shorts set so they can sink into the sofa for 3 days straight. Or the shirt they can party all night in on the 31st. Or how about the shirt they can wear on the annual New Year’s Day family walk. 

Whichever one you go for - although we would highly recommend going for the shirt that has been an open tab on her phone for weeks - we’re sure she will love it.

And if we’re going to go all sentimental (come onnn it is Christmas), honestly? There isn’t a better feeling than getting someone a present that you know they really wanted. 

If you have any questions about buying gifts this Christmas, returns policy, special requests or even just some advice, please email hello@withnothingunderneath.com where a member of our customer service team will be happy to help.

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