The ultimate cosy relaxed-fit shirt in 100% organic Brushed cotton, sumptuously soft to the touch and with a slight thickness. On top of being breathable yet warm, its double-twist yarn also makes it very hard-wearing. Ideal for everyday wear, especially in colder seasons. Wear it tucked into jeans or loose over a t-shirt, or pair it with leather pants to dress it up

Brushed shirt care

How to wash:

Machine wash on 30°C or below, on a low-spin cycle, using a liquid detergent, such as one of Kair’s Signature Clothing Washes, together with one of their Signature Fabric Conditioners.

How to dry:

Hang to air dry after a quick shake, and to ease the ironing effort, always hang on a hanger. Avoid direct sunlight if you can, unless the fabric is white, and never tumble dry.

How to iron:

Iron on a medium-high heat (150-200ºC) while slightly damp, with the shirt turned inside out. For a quick release of wrinkles, you can either steam, or try Kair’s Signature Finishing Spray.

How to fold:

Travelling with your shirts? We would always recommend rolling instead of folding to help reduce wrinkles. To roll, lay the buttoned up shirt on it’s back and pull back one side so it sits directly on top of its other half. Pick up both sleeves and fold them vertically down the body of the shirt. Then starting at the collar, gently roll the shirt from top to bottom; when you get to the sleeves, fold them in and continue until your whole shirt is rolled up.

If you prefer to fold, then button up the shirt and flip it over so it’s button-side down. Fold the left sleeve and body section of the shirt in and then line the sleeve vertically down; repeat with the right side. Finally, fold the shirt up from the bottom in thirds and turn over.

Top Tips:

To reduce the risk of pilling, avoid friction where possible: wash only when necessary, spot-treating stains and using finishing spray between washes (to limit the need for an intensive cycle); wash cool and on a low spin; and avoid tumble dryers. Using a fabric conditioner will also keep brushed cotton soft, supple and silky-smooth, preserving the fibres wear after wear.