Sleek and smart elegance in 100% Mulberry Silk, with a loose and flattering fit. A delicate, lustrous fibre, but one with longevity if cared for properly. It’s a staple for evenings out and special occasions throughout the year. Pair with a mini skirt for the ultimate party look, or with dark jeans or tailored shorts for everyday elegance in the summer months.

Silk care

How to wash:

WNU’s Silk shirts are very special and as such, we always recommend taking to your local dry cleaner.

How to fold:

In place of folding your silks, hang them on padded hangers. If you need to transport them, while travelling, for example, we recommend using a clothes cover.

Top Tips:

Avoid dry cleaning bills too frequently by spot-treat where necessary, and freshen up with some of Kair’s Signature Finishing Spray to release any wrinkles.

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