L-R: Lydia Jane Tomlinson, Jessie Bush, Emily Ratajkowski, Chiara Perera, Cheryl Sparks

Say hello to the IT girl shirt from WNU: The Boyfriend Weave Ocean Blue stripe. 
She’s easy, she’s cool and she goes with everything. After becoming the most coveted shirt for spring, this shirt made a strong case for outfit repeating. Need some styling inspo? Don’t worry, our WNU Women show you exactly how it’s done.  

Groundhog Day dressing

You know, your everyday uniform that you can’t stop wearing? We don’t blame you. It looks great.
Chuck the
shirt over a vest, easy blue jeans and a pair of flip flop slides.

City Strolling

Preferably somewhere in Europe - Lisbon’s on our list - or London during a heatwave will also do.
Tuck the
shirt in some lightweight tailored shorts and some comfy trainers.

A Feminine Touch

You really only need this
shirt, a silk skirt and white pair of loafers to elevate your everyday look.
(P.S. just as easily wear this in evenings by swapping the loafers for a pair of strappy sandals)

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