With Nothing Underneath was born out of Durell’s personal mission to create the perfect boyfriend shirt. Inspired by men’s tailoring, but adjusted for women, the 100% cotton button-downs had to be sustainably sourced and stand the test of time.

A classic cotton-linen blend, produces a crisp result, said Pip Durell, founder of With Nothing Underneath… A weighty cotton makes a light linen denser.

Durell first had the idea for WNU when she was working at a magazine. “There was just so much product, and there was just so much that I didn’t get — I always liked shirts because I felt they were such an easy way to look good."

It’s worth investing in a quality shirt if you want it to work hard in your wardrobe. I’ll advocate for the shirts expert WNU, which offers its signature styles with the right stripe.

I have discovered what most people already know: shirts are one of the most versatile items of clothing we have in our wardrobes and with clever styling can open up endless possibilities.

After discovering the British shirt brand With Nothing Underneath, Meghan bought the entire collection. Made in a female-run factory in Portugal, all styles are sourced from 100 percent organic materials.