‘to be worn effortlessly, without thought, or anything underneath’ – this was what our founder wrote in her notebook in 2017.



We started WNU to create the perfect shirt.

Inspired by men’s tailoring, British heritage and timeless style, WNU was started in London in 2017 out of our founder’s need for shirts that were perfectly adjusted for women, sustainably sourced and stood the test of time.

WNU is all about simplicity - paired back, laid back, timeless, effortless shirts - just like the woman who wears them and the icons that inspired them; Carolyn Besette, Jane Birkin and Charlotte Rampling.

Our shirts are not about trends or fleeting style moments, but about a wardrobe essential in which to live a life.



From the very start, we made a promise to ensure the shirts we give you are truly as good for our planet as they can be. WNU is still a small brand, but we are aiming to lead the way for a more sustainable fashion system; from the materials we source that create our shirts, to the fully audited factories we use and the way we encourage our customers to shop mindfully.

Our production team spends a lot of time conducting thorough research in order to find new and innovative materials that we can use to create our beautiful shirts. Including Organic Cotton, Tencel, Recycled Silk and buttons made from Corozo nuts, you can find out all about where our fabrics and trims come from on our Sustainability Page.

But as a business we are more than just our product - it’s also about people. Whether that's running charity initiatives as a team or with the help of our customers to promoting a more ethical approach to shopping amongst our community; such as buying less but better, educating people how best to care for their shirts so that they can keep wearing them forever and talking to them transparently about how our shirts are made.

Today, WNU reflects the brand we set out to be more than ever because we are now officially B Corp certified.



A former Vogue stylist and Tatler editor, Pip started WNU after adjusting mens shirts for her own use. Combining her fashion knowledge, styling credentials with sustainability and her own very English, effortless approach to dressing, WNU was born.

“I never started it thinking I was creating a ‘brand’ – it really just started with one shirt and went from there… I guess I thought that if I wanted this wardrobe staple then others might too. The philosophy has always been less but better - we should all own less, but better quality things. Invest in timeless pieces that mean more.”

- Pip for Forbes

"Taking the opposite course from ephemeral trends and style effects, With Nothing Underneath creations are orchestrated around three notions, timelessness, durability and accessibility."

“Designed to withstand trends and generations of wear, this shirt proves the perfect addition to every woman’s wardrobe”

"Championed by celebrities and the fashion set, WNU is the brand you need to know this season."