With Nothing Underneath – ‘A wardrobe staple; a piece to throw on with or without thought, or anything underneath.’

Inspired by men’s tailoring, and designed for women. The WNU button-down shirt had to be affordable, sustainably sourced and timeless. WNU is all about simplicity - paired back, laid back, timeless, effortless shirts - just like the woman who wears them. Our shirts are not about trends or fleeting style moments, but about a wardrobe essential in which to live a life. WNU shirts are for women who have a great sense of style but need clothes compatible with a modern, busy lifestyle. 

With Nothing Underneath is a business with a message, a purpose. WNU is a way of being: our customers want stylish basics from a company that cares. They want to know their shirts are sustainable, and as of 2020, 100% organic. 



‘The Duchess Of Sussex’s Boyfriend Shirts Are Made By An Ex-Vogue Staffer On A Green Mission’ – British Vogue

A former Vogue stylist and Tatler editor, Pip combined her fashion knowledge and styling credentials with sustainability and her own very English, effortless approach to dressing.

With Nothing Underneath was born in 2017 out of Pip’s personal mission to create the perfect ‘boyfriend’ shirt. Inspired by men’s tailoring, and perfectly adjusted for women, the button-downs had to be sustainably sourced and stand the test of time. With the collection now available in a range of materials from cotton workwear to travelling linens, WNU caters to the many different women we are throughout our week, from board meetings to weekend brunches.


‘Any brand, I believe, has a social responsibility to not only educate themselves but educate their customer on where their product come from, what their impact is and what they are made from'.

We need to be looking at the lifespan of an item of clothing, as well as the production and materials. As a conscious consumer you don’t want clothes that lose their fit after one wash, you want to invest in stylish wardrobe staples that are good to the planet and will last for years without a huge price tag.’ 
– Pip, Founder of With Nothing Underneath. 



With Nothing Underneath was founded with the aim to provide its customers with stylish basics from a company who cares, but not every women's "basic" is a classic shirt. Many women and girls in the UK have their daily life hugely affected by period poverty, due to a lack of access to products. To help tackle this issue, WNU is proud to announce that they have partnered with The Hygiene Bank and are now an official Drop Off point based in South West London; our founder kindly invites anyone in the area to donate sanitary products, any donation, big or small, will be greatly accepted. These products will then be given to women and girls in the area who need them. 
Please direct any questions regarding WNU's Drop Off point to phoebe@withnothingunderneath.com
Address: WNU, Unit D1 The Imperial Laundry, 87 Warriner Gardens, London, SW11 4XW
Drop Off Hours: Thursdays and Fridays, 10am - 4pm