WNU Woman: Jessica Yolanda Kaye


In their own WNU shirts, we introduce the incredible #WNUwomen that make up our community, self-styled and in their own words. 

Meet Jessica Yolanda Kaye, an Australian artist in London. 

Releasing her eighth collection 'HERE & THERE' this week, we caught up with Jessica to hear a little more about the day in the life of an artist; what inspires her, the struggles of sharing and the baguettes on Portobello Road she couldn’t live without….

Images by Jessica Ellis.

First thing you do in the morning? 
Have a hot water with lemon and pilates.

Greatest joy of your work?
I absolutely love losing myself in a painting…  My mind is quiet and I feel completely disconnected from the world.
The hardest part?
Sharing my work. Painting is an incredibly personal experience for me, so it can be hard separating myself from my work and putting it out in the open. 

What inspires you? 
I'm inspired by the ways people interact with themselves and their loved ones… Particularly the intimate everyday moments that exist behind closed doors. With my art I want to shine a light on those beautiful, vulnerable moments that are so often hidden.

Daily uniform? 
An oversized shirt and culottes.

Staple Piece? 
White Common Projects.
Your WNU?
I love the grapefruit pink linen shirt, tucked into high-waisted cream jeans.

Your day to night dressing? 

Big chunky gold earrings.



Most treasured possession?
My rings I wear every day. Each ring was a gift from a loved one back in Australia. It’s my way of holding onto them.

What do you adore?
Dark chocolate.
What do you loathe?

The hidden gem you don't want to share?
The baguette from Maison Puget on Portobello Rd (best eaten with butter from Liberté Chérie, immediately).

Best advice you have been given? 
'Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good' - something my Dad told me years ago that I repeat to myself regularly. I’m not sure I’d ever finish an artwork otherwise.

Your biggest fault? 
I’m a catastrophist. My mind loves a worst-case scenario.
Best life hack?
Turn your phone off for an entire weekend - your mind will thank you for it.

What's your chosen soundtrack?
At the moment - ‘If love is overrated’ by Gregory Porter. I’m going through a big ballad phase.

Something to give back to? 

WIRES - they rescue and care for Australian wildlife. Almost 3 billion animals were killed/ displaced by the bushfires last summer and the long-term effects are devastating. 

HERE & THERE is a collection of original paintings inspired by the notion of ‘home’ being more than just a place but a feeling rooted in relationships. The collection is made up of 13 artworks painted on framed French linen canvas, with shipping available world-wide. The collection is live on my website this Wednesday October 14th.

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