Cotton Voile

Cotton Voile is a lightweight, woven fabric made from 100% cotton, with a high thread count that results in a breathable, soft feeling airy billow.

DNA: 100% Cotton.

Care: Machine wash at 30°C or below, on a regular cycle, using a liquid detergent and conditioner.  

Hang to air dry after a quick shake, and to ease the ironing effort, always hang on a hanger. If possible, avoid direct sunlight unless the fabric is white, and never tumble dry.

Ironing is optional due to the relaxed nature of the shirt but is recommended for a pressed finish. It’s an easy fabric to iron: make sure the shirt is reversed, use medium-high heat (150-200ºC), and finish by steaming.

We would always recommend rolling instead of folding to help reduce wrinkles.

Sustainability: The buttons on our Cotton Voile shirts are made with Rivershell buttons, which are biodegradable and a by product of the food industry.


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