OFF THE CUFF with Jennifer George


Giving us a sneak peak into the life of a Beauty Director, Jennifer George from ELLE UK lets us in on her best beauty tricks and day to day routine, industry advice - including some very important do's and dont's - and the first place she's going now London is opening up again.
In this quick-fire question and answer interview, you can expect to get some great advice from an industry expert as well as some very candid responses, so maybe don't watch this with your boss next to you...
Videographer: Luke Rance
Jennifer George wears the Boyfriend Linen Sage getting ready, the Boyfriend Weave Cream stripe for her coffee run, the Cabana Weave Pink stripe around Battersea Flower Station and the Boyfriend Linen Periwinkle to make some seriously good (*strong*) margaritas. 

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