WNU WEAR: What to wear for a weekend in Paris.

Parisian approved shirting you need to pack.

So you’re off on a mini break. To the city of love. Maybe it’s a romantic getaway (seriously nice work there). Or maybe it’s a girls trip - croissants still count as a form of love language right? - either way, as cities go, it’s one of our favourites.  
3 days, 2 nights and only a few hours on the train call for a weekend bag of the cool-girl must-haves; easy and versatile pieces for outfits that can take you from touristing to a wine bar with zero compromise on style. An essential in your suitcase? Chic shirting that gets the seal of approval from the ever-covetable stylish french girls. 

Café s’il vous plaît. 

Once you’ve checked into your hotel (Le Pigalle would be our recommendation) it’s time to head straight for a parisienne breakfast. Coffee and a croissant, naturally. Although heads up, don’t try and ask for an oat flat white… just trust us. 

é recommendations: Cafè Hugo, Cafè de Flore

Rendez-vous avec une amie 

Arrondissement exploring should be done in pairs. And remember, touristing can - and should - be done in style. Comfy flat shoes are key and a classic blazer is great for easy layering over your white shirt.

Spots to visit: 
Marche des Enfants Rouges, Hotel Particular Montmatre

Champagne pour tous?

And whilst you sit at the alfresco restaurant, dressed sophisticatedly in luxurious black silk with gold accents, facing out to judge the world as it walks by, why not order some oysters to share too?

Eat and drink here: 
Brasserie Lip, Les Bon Georges

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