WNU BTS: Winter 20 shoot

Lode, Cambridge.

Recommended season: 

Average temperature: 
14-17 degrees

Distance from WNU HQ: 
68 miles
To Pack: 
One of the new super soft, cosy Brushed shirts tucked into blue jeans with boots ready for a fresh walk in the countryside.
The Weave, for later Spring months, when the days’ start becoming warmer and lighter.

To Do: 
Any country walk - they are all beautifully scenic and practically all of them lead to a pub.

To Sit: 
Past the mill, put a blanket down on the grassy banks opposite the little wooden bridge over the mill race.

Day Trip: 
Cycle from Wicken Fen to Anglesey Abbey to have lunch before walking around the most beautiful Dahlia garden we have ever seen.
The Winter Shoot, behind the scenes…..
Shot by Annabel Snoxall on film in Cambridge, England in August 2020.
 As lockdown lifted, we swapped the city for the countryside and holidays abroad for staycations, giving us all a new found appreciation for this little island we call home.
Shooting in wheat fields, by farms and in an orchard, the English countryside made the perfect backdrop for our new Brushed collection, complementing the natural tones of our colour palette as well as emphasising the soft texture of our shirts.

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