WNU DNA: The Direct to Consumer Model

What is a Direct to Consumer model? 
The Direct to Consumer model is used by brands who sell a product or service directly to their consumer, without the middlemen. 
Why do WNU love the Direct to Consumer model? 
- Increased transparency from the brand to their consumers,
- Lowered pricing,
- Promoted sustainability by reduced waste!
Traditionally, small companies (like ours) sell their products though other platforms (like Selfridges). This gives much wider exposure, advance commitment to sales, and wide, often international, marketing.
But it also means seasonal collections, commitment to large orders and a ‘wholesale markup’.
Why don't we do that?
By opting out of this and coming straight to you it means we don’t have to keep up with the relentless ‘seasons' and we can create products on demand for our customers and we can keep our prices as low as possible, with the highest quality materials. Hence no need for sales and no need for waste.


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