WNU Wear: How to nail "smart casual" style

Looking sharp and smart for work feels great and sets you in a good mood for the workday ahead. As does getting dressed up for that big night out that you have been planning for weeks. But if this last year has taught us anything, it is the sheer joy in a “smart casual” dress code.
Wearing your yoga set but throwing on a blazer? Sure. Silk pyjama set with white trainers? Why not! It’s like your clothes are canopies at an evening do and you’re allowed to pick all your favourite ones without judgement
Having now mastered the art of casual wear, this is what we would wear to different occasions that may or may not be cropping up on your social calendar this week.

‘The plans you forgot to bail on’

Isn’t this just the worst. Now you’ve only got half an hour to get dressed and out the door and look like you’re happy to be there. Cue the Cabana Linen White shirt, AKA the shirt of the summer. Pull on the relaxed shirt under a short, neutral coloured linen suit (perfect for this not quite hot but not quite cold weather), and some black leather flip flops for the perfect juxtaposition of smart casual – plus, a bit of tailoring always makes you look like you made an effort.

‘The brunch you arranged with your mum after you promised to not go out last night, but you definitely did go out last night’

It’s got to be the Boyfriend Linen Lapis tucked into a white skirt, both mini or midi would work - very pretty and very mum approved -, sunglasses (a precautionary measure) and delicate gold chain bracelet. Go simple and elegant and your mum will never know you even went out.

‘Randomly running errands on a Tuesday because you took AL but your holiday abroad got cancelled’

Weave Ocean Blue stripe, black cycling shorts, a cap on top of effortlessly tousled hair that-you-definitely-spent-half-an-hour-curling-before-you-left-the-house, some New Balance trainers and a handy tote to chuck all your things in (like that swimwear parcel you have to return because you finally accepted “we are not going to make it to Greece this year”).

‘When you can’t be bothered to make any effort but want to look like you did’

The easiest way to do this in our opinion is to go tonal. Take your Weave Cream stripe and pair it with some beige trouser. Next slip-on black leather mules and a beige jumper over your shoulders. It’s super simple components that are so easy to throw on, but when put together looks cool and effortlessly elegant.

‘The ‘very important meeting’ in your calendar (aka coffee date)’

Nothing says sophisticated like our Linen Sage. The key is to fully tuck it into high waisted wide legged white jeans, belt it, layer your open collar with necklaces and step into tan sandals. It’s the right balance of smart casual, so much so that people won’t know if your “meeting” is a coffee date or if that “coffee” is actually a meeting.

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