WNU BTS: Summer 20 shoot


Polzeth, Cornwall.

Recommended season: 

Average temperature: 
19-22 degrees

Distance from WNU HQ: 
244 miles
To Pack:
The Linen – one of the new Citrus organic ones of course… with some cotton boxers and a baseball cap.

The Brushed for cooler, Cornish evenings, over a slip dress and plimsoles.

To Do: 
It’s all about Polzeath beach. Picnics, beach cricket - and swimming for the brave.

To Sit:
After a clifftop walk down to Pentire Point, find the hidden stone bench for u beatable views of the Cornish coastline.

Day Trip:
To Padstow for the best shellfish you’ve ever had at Prawn on The Lawn.


The Summer shoot, behind the scenes…..

Shot by Annabel Snoxall on film in Cornwall, England in May 2020. 

The Citrus collection had not been completed when lockdown came in for the UK – and we had not yet shot a Summer campaign…
Three of my girlfriends were in lockdown together in Cornwall, one of whom, Annabel, happens to be a photographer - and had her film camera with her.
I posted the new WNU Linens straight to them and we waited.

And waited.  


When the announcement was made that you could go to the beach with your own household
the girls ran down to the beach and along the coastline together, Annabel’s camera in hand. 
There was no crew, no styling, no makeup, just three friends in WNU.
The result is the perfect encapsulation of With Nothing Underneath; natural, carefree and really living life.

It is a tiny capsule collection in the perfect faded pink, sunshine seeking yellow and a classic white, and I hope you love them as much as we do.

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