WNU Wear: How to tuck in a shirt

The fully tucked Boyfriend shirt - a classic style that epitomises smart casual. To be worn day to day - in the office, around the house or out in town - this easy tuck can be worn by anyone and works with all of our materials.
Taking inspiration from our style icons Jane Birkin and Romy Schneider, see below how to wear your Boyfriend shirt in the full tuck. 

Step One: The Tuck 

1. Start by throwing on your favourite shirt and buttoning to your preferred height. (Seen here is our Boyfriend Weave White in size XS, worn on a UK size 8-10). Tuck your shirt into your trousers fully (it may be easiest to undo the trousers and re-button when fully tucked), starting at the back then moving around to the front. For the best look, ensure the shirt is flat against your skin.

Step Two: The Pull 

2. Your shirt will now be taught. For a more relaxed look, lift your shoulders so that some fabric becomes loose at your waistband; pinch this fabric at the front of your shirt with your fingers and slightly pull it out and down before releasing, repeat with the back of your shirt. Play with this until you reached your desired look.

Step Three: Make it casual

3. You may wish to stop there, but if you would like to go for a more casual look you can roll up the sleeves of your shirt. To do this, unbutton the cuff and peel back the fabric to fold back on itself. Proceed to fold back the fabric evenly around your lower arm until it sits half way between your wrist and elbow - we usually opt for 3 thick rolls. 

Step Four: The Cuff

 4. Repeat on the other sleeve.

Step Five: Complete 

5. And there you have it - the fully tucked shirt. This effortless style is perfect in mastering everyday elegance, whether you are wearing your shirt with jeans, a tailored pant, denim shorts or a high waisted skirt.


See how our #WNUWomen wear their Boyfriend shirts with a full tuck...

Sasha Mei styles her Boyfriend Weave Ocean Blue stripe tucked into blue denim jeans and delicate gold jewellery.
Jessica Harris elevates her summer shirt by pairing white tailored trousers with the Boyfriend Linen Lapis.
India Sehmi brings the Boyfriend Brushed Navy Plaid into the summer season by tucking it into some denim bermuda shorts. 
Aida Badji keeps it clean, styling her Boyfriend Weave White with matching beige tailored trousers and fedora.

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