WNU Wear: How to wear your shirt this party season

We are thrilled to have the festive season back after the mass cancellation of events last year. If there is an invitation to go to a work do, a dinner party with friends, Sunday roast, drink with your neighbour or even a byob wreath making, you can rest assured that we RSVP’d: ‘YES!’

All these social plans require the perfect party wear and after a year off expectations are high. You can always go for your default sparkly number, which we are sure looks great, but if you are wanting to try a different style why not give your WNU shirt a go? 

Take a look at how we would style our Boyfriend shirts for all of our Christmas plans this year, from casual events to full blown parties.
(Don’t worry, it still includes a bit of sparkle)

‘When you have work-till-6pm-but-festive-drinks-at-7pm’

We reckon you’ll have a few evenings like this peppered throughout your calendar this month. The key is to stick to your staples and opt for a smart casual look. Take the Oxford Celeste Blue stripe, with classic tailoring to keep you sharp in the office, and pair it with some great jeans and an earth-toned coat. 

Perfect! Now you can assure Darren he’ll have that report on his desk first thing before promptly texting the group chat that you are on your way and there better be a drink waiting for you.

‘The fancy dinner with the in-laws’

It doesn’t seem to matter if your love flourished in lockdown or if you have become part of the furniture - dinner with your other half’s parents is always a fuss. You have to be on your best behaviour, overly polite and not flinch at the inevitable little digs coming your way from the Mother (you know what we’re talking about…) 

In situations like this, you want to impress, and that’s where our Silk Pearl enters the room. Tuck it into a tailored trouser for an effortlessly elegant look this festive season; at least that’s one thing your Mother-in-law won’t be able to criticise.

‘I’m blaming that last tequila shot’

Here come the girls! And boy are you in for a raucous night at your favourite bar. We are obsessed with the oversized-shirt-and-micro-skirt as party wear aesthetic (bonus points for sparkle, obvs) and you can easily emulate this using our Poplin White and Steel Blue shirts.

Your head will hurt tomorrow and yes, admittedly the cinnamon flavoured vodka shot may not have been the best idea, but come on, it wouldn’t be Christmas without a sequin-induced hangover - enjoy!

‘The Work Christmas Party’

You may embarrass yourself (some of us are still recovering from last year’s antics…) but at least you can look good whilst you do it. Go for a sophisticated take on party dressing and team your favourite Weave White shirt with a midi skirt, either keeping the colour neutral for a chic look or go bold with a bright colour or print! To cinch your waist, tuck the shirt in or tie it in a knot around the 5th button down.

A couple office party do’s and don'ts from the WNU team... Do take part in the karaoke, it’s hilarious for the bystanders. But don’t complain about the excessive Christmas playlist. Definitely do take full advantage of the free bar. And make sure you don’t forget to set your alarm and turn up to work at 3pm the next day*

*I won’t name and shame but very much based on a true story

‘Your neighbours annual do’

This night is a little more lowkey. You like your neighbours and every year you receive your invite to pop over the road for some mulled wine and a cheese platter, which quite frankly is an offer you just cannot resist. Let’s go smart casual for this event and tuck our cosy Brushed Rain Blue plaid into a pair of leather trousers and black heels - it’s easy but still dressy. 

Oh and the best part? These kinds of Christmas do’s never go on too late and are very friendly to your dwindling December paycheck.

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