WNU Wear: No-one does shirting like Rom-Coms

Valentine’s Day. For some it's a day full of love and treats and do not disturb signs on the back of hotel doors. For others it’s a bottle of wine on the sofa after a day of saying just how much you don’t care about Valentine’s Day whilst secretly looking over at the bunch of flowers on the desk next to you thinking, ah, actually, that would be quite nice wouldn’t it. 
The fact is, whether we’re willing to admit it or not - we all love love! In every way. 
It’s the basis of an endless list of songs, poems, books and of course, films. We compulsively watch onscreen couples fall for each other, argue, kiss, almost miss their moment before eventually saying “I love you”. It’s relatable. It’s aspirational. And my god do those boyfriend’s have good shirts. Our heroines slipping on their discarded work shirts defined a new era of sexy - it was understated, the shirts were oversized and there was usually nothing underneath…
Without further ado, let us introduce you to our favourite borrowed-from-the-boys shirting moments from our favourite rom coms and their iconic wearers.

Jane Fonda in Barefoot in the Park

Her vivacious energy. Her flat (*apartment! Sorry to any New Yorkers reading) with the hole in the roof. Her voluminous hair that is seemingly perfect in every scene. Her man. And most importantly, her man’s shirt - we want it all. This film is young love personified and one of the key signifiers? The boyfriend shirt, obviously. 

Steal Jane’s style: Poplin Steel Blue

Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally

“A faceless guy rips off your clothes and that’s the sex dream you’ve been having since you were 12? Exactly the same?”
“Well sometimes I vary it a little”
“Which part?”
“What I’m wearing.”

We can’t help but wonder how many of Sally’s clothes were her own and how many were shirts of boyfriends past…
Steal Meg’s style: Weave White

Julia Roberts in any and every film

With a bank of classic 90’s rom coms - from My Best Friend’s Wedding to Notting Hill to the best film to ever exist (sorry not sorry we’re biased) Pretty Women -  it was no surprise that Julia Roberts quickly became one of America’s sweethearts. To us though, she’s the boyfriend shirting icon.
The big question still remains though: who’s shirt would you rather have, Hugh Grant’s or Richard Gere’s?

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