WNU Wear: Shirts to live in this Boxing Day

Spend Boxing Day in ultimate comfort

Boxing Day is finally here and we do not plan on moving a single finger. The only effort required now, is hunting down that odd mince pie every now and then - It. Is. Heaven.

To round up these few days of pyjama-clad bliss, we will need the ultimate comfort watch: A-very-british-very-saccharine-holiday-rom-com-of-the-2000’s. (Hallmark, who is she?)

And as the screen comes to live while we lie there covered in wrapping paper and powdered sugar we cannot help but notice those outfits…

Love… this shirt, actually

We can't help it - we get massive shirt envy whenever Hugh Grant does his little dance in Downing Street. If only there was a shirt that was inspired by men's tailoring...hold on.

Unfortunately, Mr.Grant is not included when you order a Boyfriend from us but at least you will be able to effortlessly copy the second most iconic look in this holiday classic (the most iconic will always be the octopus, duh!) 

The film: Love Actually

You deserve a Holiday

This wouldn’t be a true 2000’s holiday flick outfit roundup without the appearance of at least one  turtleneck. With the current temperatures, we cannot help but lust after Cameron Diaz’s collection of glorious winter coats and her seriously impressive layering technique in The Holiday. 

Warning: This look is probably not ideal for long treks to remote cottages but it sure did turn Jude Law’s head, so... priorities?

The film: The Holiday

Dear Diary, can Mr. Darcy hurry up already?

With all these festivities you will need a day (or two) to recover all by yourself.
And you are in luck, as our Brushed Co-Ord Set is to loungewear what  "Kafkas’ Motorbike" is to the publishing industry - the best thing to happen in decades. 

The perfect combination of cosiness and practicality, these shorts give your legs enough freedom to move. Ideal for when you are at home, alone, belting out Celinè Dion with a bottle of red doubling as a microphone in your hands. 

The film: Bridget Jones’ Diary

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