Sometimes it’s what’s on top of the tree that counts…

And sometimes it’s what’s underneath.

This year, spoil them with a shirt.
(They’re sexy and sustainable. Name a better duo, we’ll wait.)

It’s time to let the fun begin. The chaos of your social calendar, the dinners and drinks and day trips and nights out, the Secret Santas, the cooking for your entire family (although you could've sworn someone said they would volunteer to do it this year..), the “let’s circle back to this in Q1” emails and the decorating ahead of the big day.

It’s crazy, yet here we are every year doing it all again. 

Before you get too busy though, it’s time to get on top of your Christmas shopping; because we’ve all been there when you leave it to the last minute and it just really is never a good idea..

Thankfully, we know exactly what is on everyone’s wish lists this year. Spoiler alert: a shirt. 

And we’ve got one for every woman in your life. 

For your mother-in-law

So she never got over that you stole her golden boy’s heart? Tricky huh. We can’t promise a shirt from WNU can fix that little issue, but it is very hard to dislike someone who gets you a cosy, wool-blend shirt that you find yourself living in this Winter. 

Discover the gift: Brushed Shirts

For yourself

Surprises are nice - yes - but you know what’s nicer? Getting exactly what you want, like one of our brand new silk shirts that are perfect for the party season. We’re really here for self-gifting. Or you could just forward this to someone so they get the hint.

Discover the gift: Silk Shirts

For your work wife

To the woman who puts up with you everyday, sends you memes and grabs you coffee even when you didn’t ask for one - thank you. When you totally-at-random get her as your Secret Santa get her a little something you know she will love. 

Discover the gifts: The Cap, The Shorts, The Tote

For your sister

She’s probably been borrowing yours all year so you may as well get her her own! The Hemp sets are so comfy and easy to wear, it's the must-have outfit to wear on those in between days spent exclusively on the sofa debating which is the best Quality Street.

Discover the gifts: Co-ord Sets

Let the countdown to Christmas begin…

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