WNU WEAR: Styling an Oversized shirt for Winter

In a time where the only thing you feel like wearing is ankle length dressing gowns and UGG boots (divided opinions about their comeback in the office), let us show you our favourite ways to wear our shirts, ensuring you stay warm whilst looking cool, and as always, effortlessly timeless.

N.B. We’ve got your top half covered but even we are having to start wearing tights under our jeans now... 


The shirt and sweater vest combo is one we fully endorse this time of year, particularly with the dropping temperatures and rising winds. Soft cotton shirts wrapped up under chunky sleeveless knits are our go-to; they make everyday outfits practically effortless. 
BRB… I’m off to buy a sweater vest...

The shirt: The Weave White, unironed

Our top sleeveless vest rec: This rose coloured vest from the wonderful Blake LDN (which we can’t help but think how romantic it would look with the Linen Grapefruit too!)


The tried and tested Londoner ‘fit. A trench is a failsafe item in your wardrobe, not only for it’s iconic look but also for its practicality in the UK’s somewhat unpredictable weather (we’re looking at you Arwen and Barra). You can’t go wrong with the classics. 

The shirt: The Oxford Celeste Blue stripe a la Polly Sayer ofc

The trench coat of dreams: Okay, okay *of my dreams, and it’s from Caes


It’s the unofficial uniform of cool girls; open collars, your Dad’s blazer and strictly blue or black trousers. Wardrobe staples only please! Oh and just to reiterate, everything looks better a little bit oversized so if you are “borrowing” the blazer then make sure you size up when you buy one. 

The shirt: This is a smart-casual spin on your office uniform, so any shirt from The Workwear Bundle.

Not your Dad’s blazer: But definitely someone else’s preloved one.


Thrown on button-downs and chunky knits please and thank you. With December weather and broken boilers, there’s no better feeling than getting all bundled up and cosy everyday. Great shirting with collars popping out from under woollen jumpers on brisk British mornings with piping hot coffee to go, anyone?

The shirt: A white shirt will go with everything, but for extra softness why not try the Brushed Arctic?

How many jumpers is too many jumpers? A couple of our friends are nailing knitwear, you should check them out: Sheep Inc, Navy Grey, Blake LDN and even more on Stories Behind Things.


The ultimate Winter uniform, designed to help you face the elements A.K.A leaving the office to go to Pret. Feel like you’re still warm in bed whilst looking sharp, as ever, with strong tailoring. The obvious extra bonus with this look is that the oversized wool coat can easily fit over any of the aforementioned layering options too. Pretty neat.

The shirt: Layer well with The Weave Celeste Blue or if you’re totally wrapping up, then opt for The Fine Brushed Oat.

One for the Christmas list: Definitely an investment piece, but definitely a piece you will love forever. 


Granted, come February we will be eating our words and begging for sunshine, but for now at least, we are loving styling our shirts for these cooler months….

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Hello. I have about 7 or 8 of your shirts and would be very grateful if you would give me the web sights of all the lovely jumpers and vests so I can achieve the same
look as you have shown in your emails to me. I love the look too. Thank you for your help. Fidelma

Fidelma DaCosta December 16, 2021

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