WNU DNA: Introducing the Oxford


Its September - the official start of Autumn - and we have brought you the ultimate casual cotton shirt: The Boyfriend, in Oxford cotton.
Why do we love it so much? Well, not to be biased but it’s because it is perfect.
It’s the way that the more you wash it, the more it feels your own. Its the nostalgic way it feels like it was your dads, oversized and comforting - borrowing from the boys as ever. The Oxford is like an old friend, an easy favourite, helping you smarten up last minute if needed, but will happily spend the day guilt free on the sofa too.
It’s the way it feels like a Sunday morning. Soft cottons pushed up to elbows, hands clutching morning papers, marmalade toast, eggs on toast, just-plain-butter-toast, and cups of tea galore; but how it also feels like a Thursday at 11am with the hem tucked into a belted trouser, a to-go coffee in hand, balancing an almond croissant and phone in the other, running to a meeting, flat viewing or just running late to meet a friend.
It's wonderfully British, the Oxford. Scottish to be exact. Perfect due to its versatility, this warm fabric is made from 100% organic cotton - it wouldn’t be WNU if it wasn’t sustainably sourced and ethically made!
We stuck to our classic Boyfriend shape for our new material and chose a delicate thin stripe for two of our shirts. These wardrobe staples are easy to throw on and comfortable to wear, and no doubt will become one you grab for regularly, like our Poplins and Weaves.
As well as these, we decided to introduce more of a statement piece… say hello to the patchwork. In a light blue shade, a combination of colour blocks and stripes creates a shirt that stands out on the street, subtly, and is a go-to for the cool girls.
Why have we taken so long to give you one I hear you ask – and to that I have no answer. Seems foolish really, but here we are, better late than never.
Oh, and it comes in a green stripe too, after many requests we finally found the ideal shade.
So how do you wear the Oxford? We designed our Oxford shirt with the weekend in mind – but what’s the setting in yours... Long afternoons in the garden? Rushing from brunch to lunch? The Oxford is beautifully versatile, suited to whatever occasion you choose, from work through to relaxing by the fire.
Spend your day in the blue stripe with a great pair of jeans and a classic loafer, perfect for meandering about town and, as we step into autumnal weather, throw some cashmere round your shoulders too. To take the shirt from casual to cool, open the collar of the Oxford and wear it with a straight leg trouser - the deep green stripe looks great with black denim – just grab an oversized blazer to complete the look. 

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