WNU Weekends: How to pack for a weekend away in the UK

We need a holiday

I know it’s only September and I know we’ve just had Summer holidays, but let’s face it they were pants this year and quite frankly we just want something to look forward to. Something that will tide us over until we firmly switch on our OOO at Christmas.

How does a nice long weekend sound? Perfect right. Away from our normal lives, to unwind and reset. Short but sweet.

And we know exactly how to long-weekend the right way.

The key to the ultimate relaxation weekend is to ensure everything requires minimal effort or commitment. The less decisions you have to make, the less stress there can be.

(Sorry, have we just mastered wellness?)

How do you pack for a short weekend away?

To Pack:
This is where you need to master the art of the capsule wardrobe. For a weekend away, we call on our '2 days 2 ways' method; and of course we will be rolling everything we pack for maximal space optimisation in our weekend bag. 

All you need is one shirt. Go for whatever will best suit your weekend away, but if you are going on a British short trip at this time of year, we would recommend our Oxford. It’s versatile, but the Oxford is in its element when worn casually; it is great for layering but equally perfect for cosying up on the sofa and nestling into a good book.

To do:
Let’s keep these plans loose. Non committal. Got a dog? Go on a dog walk. Not got a dog? Go on a regular walk. Walks are great - for the fresh air, the lack of phone service (hellooo mini digital detox) and you might stumble across one of the many pubs peppered around the UK’s countryside.

Or maybe you don’t like walking. Fair enough. Sometimes all you need is the sofa, your book - or the TV, we’re not judging how you unwind - and a cup of tea that as the day goes on turns into a G&T. 

To eat:
We hate to break it to you organised people - but it's two days.  You don't need to bring your entire fridge but some snacky bits for the journey wouldn't go a miss. Stick to the failsafe food category of beige. Crisps, biscuits or maybe even a small sarnie. You just can't go wrong with them.

We would have recommended some top tier snacks for you, but it’s caused a major debate in the office that, if continued, would require bringing in HR, so we’ll leave you to decide what beige food you bring.



The very wet, very British dog walk in the countryside. The awkward “Hi, y’alright?” to someone you will never see again. The shoes that you bought specifically for these occasions but will 
nevertheless still get muddy resulting in socks that always get damp. The snacks you all say you would pack but accidentally left on the side. The amount there is to complain about - the weather, sore feet, cold hands - which quite frankly is our favourite thing to do. The cool jacket that’s surprisingly weather appropriate with great deep pockets for dog treats. Just make sure you plan your walking route beforehand because signal can get patchy out there...


It doesn’t get better than pub grub. Finding a quintessentially British gastro pub, probably with a red or navy carpeted floor and plenty of dark wooden beams, that’s in the middle of nowhere but still full of people. There will be a fire somewhere. If there’s not, find one that does. The menu is short and the drink options are refreshingly limited to three options of a pint, white wine or red wine. The pie sounds good, but the fish and chips on the next table sways your order. Lunching like this requires practical dressing, say, something oversized?

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