WNU Women: Jessica and Sidney


In their own WNU shirts, we introduce the incredible #WNUwomen that make up our community, self-styled and in their own words. 

Meet Jessica and Sidney, the founders of the amazing lab-grown diamond brand Kimaï

Following our recent WNU x Kimaï giveaway, we decided to digitally catch up with Jessica and Sidney to find out a little bit more about the women behind the diamonds and why they work so well together... 

 Images supplied by Kimaï

Early bird or night owl? 
Jessica: Early bird!
Sidney: Definitely.

What inspired you?
Jessica: Having a positive impact on our world.
Sidney: I am really inspired by nature's beauty, as well as the women around me. I think it's the combination of both that helps us create.
Why lab-grown?
Jessica: [It's] more sustainable and more transparent.
Sidney: For the traceability.

Best tips for partnerships? 
Jessica: Common values and aesthetics.
Sidney: Communication.
Feel bare without? 
Jessica: My semi hoops.
Sidney: Necklaces, that I always keep near my heart.

Your WNU? 
Sidney: The Linen White shirt, that I can't wait to wear over a bikini on my next holiday.
Style Icons?
Jessica: Diane Von Furstenberg.
Sidney: Lee Radziwill.

The WFH balance? 
Jessica: WFH-wear thats zoom meeting ready? My jewellery
Sidney: Blazer over a sweater for comfort, and jewellery which will vary depending on my mood.
Remember your first?
Jessica: A small heart shaped diamond necklace I got for my 14th birthday.
Sidney: A beautiful dainty diamond bracelet.

Your most treasured possession?
Jessica: My mom's watch.
Sidney: A bracelet from my great grandmother with the three colours of gold - white, rose and yellow. So beautiful and I love that it's been passed on from a few generations.

Best place in the world?
Jessica: Anita Ice-cream in Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv
Sidney: I am not really attached to one place, I love discovering new neighbourhoods, culture and countries. However I have to say that Tel Aviv is something special to me - it's a magical place.

Your role model?
Jessica: Sarah Blakely.
Sidney: Simone Weil.
The advice you wished you had listened to? 
Sidney: Don't put yourself in the sun too much and apply 50 SPF everyday. I am a redhead with pale skin, but it's hard to understand when you are young. Now that wrinkles start to appear, I wish I had listened. Never too late though!

A saying to live by?
Jessica: Never take no for an answer.
Sidney: Old ways never opened new doors.

You can't put down?
Jessica: 'Human Search For Meaning' by Viktor Frankl.
Sidney: 'The Power of Now' (I have probably read it 10 times already but still so good and relevant at every stage of your life).
Something to give back to? 
Sidney: WWF.

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