How to pack for holiday in just a carry on bag

Pack your bags – we’re going off grid.


We blinked and it’s nearly August, and despite our best hopes, wishes, crossing all our fingers (and toes?) and manifesting the summer we have been longing for…

It’s not quite happened has it.


But we are used to this uncertainty by now and going against our British nature have decided to be optimistic about it. Because summer is what you make of it and whether you have managed to jet off on a last-minute trip abroad (oh boy are we jealous of you lucky people) or are driving to the UK coastline and seeing what the weather throws at you, we all need a break.


So, put your out of office on and remember to double lock that back door because it’s time to leave your home and be uncontactable for at least three to five working days.

Where to sir? 

It’s a take what you can get kind of summer holiday this year isn’t it? Like, you-booked-Barcelona-last-week-and-now-it-has-gone-on-the-amber-list-so-I-guess-Bath-will-do.


If you are staying in the UK, you are going to want to pack options. Look, we are all dreaming of sunny warm weather, but we know that we are more likely to get 2 days of sun, 5 of rain, a thunderstorm, perhaps some sleet and gale-force winds, peppered with a couple of rainbows – so just pack a cagoule (we like this one quite a lot). Our Weave will be your best friend, with your old cut off Levis in the sun or a classic blue jean for your afternoon family walk. You can’t go wrong with Birkenstocks either that will take you from a sandy beach to fish pie in everyone’s favourite local pub. A versatile linen trouser wouldn’t go a miss either, as like our shirts, it’s an item you can really dress up or down depending on your type of staycay.


Then again, if you have gone abroad, there’s something quite pleasantly humbling about calling on your GCSE French to decipher the menu at that restaurant on the corner, that looks out to the harbour where no doubt is where the fish came from that you plan on ordering for your mains, isn’t there? (Can you tell we’re mentally - but very much not physically - there right now) This calls for clothes that will keep you cool, whether you are in a market or basking in the evening sunset. The Cabana can be worn over your bikini in the day and over a slip dress in the evening; to really make the most of that golden hour glow, spray this onto your decolletage and cheekbones, its subtle but catches the light beautifully. Then you need sandals, swimwear and SPF. Perhaps a book of the area too? It’s nice to make the most of a new place whilst not too obviously looking like a tourist. Outside of the UK, the weather is also more reliably warm, so you will want a Linen shirt - or three. Worth throwing in a big bag too that you can take down to the beach each day. P.S. our tote can fit a towel, bottle of water, sun cream and a “sharing” packet of Lays crisps. Just saying.


It's all about the roll

We don’t take hold luggage every time we are on a plane, and sometimes there just is not space in the designated driver’s car for big suitcase… but where there is a will there is a way. This is how you pack a carry on for 7 days.

  • Roll with it baby! This hack is a game changer and works on every item of clothing. Roll it tightly and you will be able to fit so many more clothes in your bag and the extra plus is there are considerably less wrinkles made by this method compared to the usual folded technique.
  • Put your makeup and any other lotions and potions in ziploc bags and stuff them in your shoes. This should protect your powders from smashing and your liquids from going everywhere (the absolute worst thing that could happen in your suitcase).
  • Got a left over WNU cotton pouch? Keep all your underwear or swimwear in this to help segment your stuff!
  • Speaking of segments, if your carry on doesn’t come with dividers to keep the sides separate, use a jacket instead. Spread the body of the jacket over the top of your other (rolled) clothes in the suitcase and tuck the remaining fabric in and under the clothes. Although it’s not perfect it is more secure than nothing.



A capsule collection is all you need

Last minute trip. A year’s worth of clothes that have been waiting to be worn. And one bag.

It is time to master the art of the capsule collection.


The key is to pack versatile pieces, that can easily be dressed up or down with certain accessories depending on your plans, but also layered depending on the weather. Take our classic Boyfriend Linen White shirt for example – want to go casual for a day trip? Throw on a cap and wear it open over a vest and shorts, for a loose, easy look that will keep you cool as you meander round the old town. Off for a posh dinner under a leafy canopy? Button up the shirt and tuck it into pair of linen tailored trousers, slip on some strapped heels and accessorise with gold jewellery.

Stick to a refined colour palette too. This will help make styling easier when interchanging outfits as you already know they go together well! We just don’t think you can go wrong with white, black and blue, so the majority of our holiday clothes are in these but to inject some colour for the summer we have gone for uur favourite colours for the season: sage and rust (which are really just the more sophisticated siblings of the complimentary colours red and green).


See you at departures

We’ve really missed complaining about being stuck in the middle seat. Well, maybe not really, but still. It’s time to really kick back and relax.


Oh also! We finally have something going on that we will want to look back on, so don’t forget to take loads of photos.

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