WNU DNA: The Brushed 2.0

She’s back, again.
Your favourite winter shirt, and for 2021, in a thicker fabric.
If you haven’t bought one of our Brushed shirts yet, do. We promise you won’t regret it. (And to be honest we’re surprised you haven’t yet?) It will be the shirt you throw on every day in the colder months, from a nip in the air in October to all-the-trains-are-delayed-due-to-weather-conditions in February.
However, if this is not your first Brushed shirt rodeo you may be wondering what’s changed, why we changed it and if this new shirt might be a bit of you?
Spoiler alert: it absolutely is.
Talking about change is tricky though isn’t it. How do you do it without saying it was bad before? It’s hard to tell you how really bloody brilliant the new Brushed is without knocking last season, but the truth is, they’re two different creatures….
The Brushed was initially an experiment, much risker than the linens or poplins, and it was more of a rarity in the women’s market.
Was that for good reason perhaps? Maybe women weren’t into the flannel shirt? Maybe it would flop? (Can you hear the spiral?!)
Turns out, we needn’t have worried. Here we are entering her 3rd season, with more of you on the waiting list than ever before.
Shirting in Winter is complex. It’s a layering game, and - let’s be honest - in the long damp British Winter months we often want soft not structured, cosy not crisp. * Enter The Brushed. *
She’s like an incredibly chic hug, a ridiculously high-end cup of tea. (loose leave with one of those strainers if you will.)
Those of you who have been here since the start will know The Brushed changed. (every girls prerogative amirightttt) She used to be thick and cosy, and then last year we changed her to slightly finer and cosy. More of a singular layer, less of an over shirt.
But you know what? We realised we need them both.
The Fine Brushed isn’t going anywhere don’t worry but we missed the Brushed 1.0. We missed sumptuous and thick as an option next to soft and fine. We also missed the pale and dark blue shades (you certainly did, we heard you!) so welcome back Arctic and Alaska, alongside new Plaids, all in 100% organic cotton.
So here we are. The Brushed for Winter 21 has arrived. She’s thick, she soft, she’s organic and, naturally, she’s seriously cosy.
*adds to basket*

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Hi, love my brushed from last year – is the sage similar to the olive? thanks! xx

Sophie Henderson November 02, 2021

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