WNU DNA: Let’s hear it for our leading ladies

International Women’s Day has grown exponentially in recent years.
It encompasses everything from citywide marches for legal action to dedicated celebratory lessons in schools to brand hosted panel discussions. As a female founded company, with currently a fully female workforce, we celebrate this day; in particular championing women in the workplace, which is why this IWD we will be supporting Smart Works Reading. 
Whichever woman you are and champion though - from entrepreneurs to mothers - sometimes, just sometimes, we all fancy a break, kicking back on the sofa with a cup of tea in one hand (or big glass of red…) whilst watching a great film. Now doesn’t that sound relaxing. 
So, with that in mind and thinking of IWD, we are back again delving into our favourite films! But this time, we were focusing on cinema’s most iconic heroines. From real life to fictional, across all film genres, meet our favourite female trailblazers (who coincidentally all have a strong penchant for shirts?)

Erin Brockovich

A single mother of three in need of employment ends up working in a law firm, where she defends - and wins - a case against a large energy corporation whose work had carcinogenic repercussions for the small town it operated in -  sound epic? It is.
Steal Julia’s style: Alongside the leopard print, we’re loving the neutral inspo, it makes us want to slip into our Fine Brushed Oat or our best-selling Weave Cream stripe.

9 to 5

Three working women coming together to get their own back on their autocratic, sexist boss? Play the movie.
Steal Dolly’s style: Mix it up! Go for daytime Dolly in the Weave Celeste Blue and then slip into the Silk Pearl for evening Dolly. 

Steel Magnolias

Steel Magnolias showing us since the 80s that when it all gets tough, it is the support of a good girl group that gets you through. (This is a good reminder to pop your girlfriends a text btw.)
And before you say anything. Yes. We know. What can we say, Julia loves a shirt moment. And we love anything with Dolly Parton in. 
Steal their style: Everyday shirting calls for our casual staples - the Oxford Hunter Green, the Weave White and the Brushed Rain Blue Plaid.

More Iconic Female Cinematography

We wanted to create this blog to celebrate not only the female characters in these iconic films, but also the actresses portraying them who have been fighting for equality in the film industry - championing their position in the workplace. If nothing else though we hope we have given you some inspo for when you turn the TV on this weekend. There are countless more films we wanted to include in this list but those 15423 emails won't answer themselves sadly, so without further ado, add these to your March watch-list too: (from left to right) Bombshell, Legally Blonde, Thelma & Louise, The First Wives Club, Desperately Seeking Susan, Hidden Figures and The Help.
Steal their style: It’s got to be the Poplin collection, the original workwear shirt for women.
If you would like to support International Women’s Day this year, please feel free to directly donate to WNU’s charity of the year: Smart Works Reading. Your monetary donation will go towards the amazing charity, who help get women into - or back into - work by dressing them, coaching them and supporting them with finding job roles and navigating the interview process. 
Find out more about how you can help and the charity by visiting their website here.

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