Looking expensive is a true art

Some women just
get it. You know the ones; K Mid, Oprah, The LSD, VB - you know you’re a Queen when you only need initials… The problem with taking this sort of sartorial inspo is that often what these icons are wearing IS expensive. 

Like, I’m sure I could look pretty good in head to toe Proenza but sadly it’s not quite the budget I’m working with over here.

We nearly didn’t go ahead with the silks - we knew it needed to be the highest quality but without a price tag that made our eyes water. I’ve personally wanted a silk shirt for as long as I could remember but £300 +++ for something I would get pasta sauce down? It’s a no from me

Under £200 though? I could get on board and Team WNU was up for the challenge.
And that’s exactly what our amazing production team has done... 

Meet the Silks

Our finest silk fibre is made from the highest quality organic Italian Mulberry silk (yep that means the silkworms eat only Mulberry leaves…) and is woven in Italy before being made in Portugal and finished off with our Mother of Pearl buttons, which are sourced from nature, biodegradable and a natural byproduct.
In line with our core values, it’s essential that our organic fabrics are sourced from reputable suppliers supported by the GOTS organic certification and so we assure you that, like every other WNU shirt, our latest collection is as well. 

We wanted it to be the height of luxury; the shirt that you could wear with jeans and a great heel to dinner, or with a slick trouser in the office. The kind of shirt that makes you feel just really f*cking great.

So she’s finally here, The Boyfriend in Silk.
She’s Organic. She’s Italian. She’s in the top-grade weight meaning the drape is truly like liquid, and she’s under £200. 
How does it feel? I honestly can’t explain quite how good it is, but it sure makes me feel a million dollars - without having to spend it.

Love, Pip x

How to style the new silk collection

So now you have the shirt of the season, how are you wearing it? 

Designed with luxury in mind, both the black and off-white styles are a chic addition to any outfit, and whilst - yes - they are well suited to plans in the evening, they also lend themselves perfectly to everyday elegance. 

Out out: If you are styling this for an after hours look, wear your silk shirt tucked into silk trousers to emulate the pyjamas-as-outerwear trend (a personal fave), or go more classic with a straight-legged cigarette pant... if you’re feeling really fun though, throw the shirt on with a statement mini skirt for the ultimate party look. 

Day-to-day: However, the silk is not limited to "Please R.S.V.P.” events! It looks equally great when styled for a more smart casual look with dark blue jeans and a great pair of black boots, or, when summer comes round, a tailored short suit set.

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