WNU Wear: The perfect jewellery to wear with your shirt

When WNU visited the Jessica McCormack Townhouse

Designed with luxury in mind, both the black and cream shades of our latest Silk collection are a chic base for any outfit, and - yes - they do lend themselves rather well to evening plans, particularly when worn with some seriously special jewels… lets say, for example, from our friend Jessica McCormack...

In October Jessica McCormack opened the doors to their new bridal floor and invited us to see the new space at 7 Carlos Place in London. 
In true JMC style, every detail of the room had been curated by Jessica, from the revolving collection of contemporary art to the unusual found objects and family photos. The floor has been carefully thought out, with the art and intimate ambience encouraging conversations, while the natural light and secret garden allow diamonds to be viewed by daylight.

The space was, quite frankly, gorgeous. Our eyes couldn’t help but hop from ring to ring, wandering over the jewellery boxes to the sophisticated art to the beautiful view of The Connaught, before darting back to the bright pop of the green hallway and then finally landing of the plush velvet sofa where you decide, yes, I’d quite like to be at home here. 

And so that’s where we spent our afternoon, playing dress up in our new collection of silk shirts, dripping in the jewellery I dream about. 

Serious Silk Icons

Dorothy Dandridge, Eartha Kitt, Liz Taylor, Loretta Young, Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich, Pearl Bailey, the list goes on!

Combining these two high impact, luxurious materials - our liquid silk with Jessica McCormack’s flawless jewels - gave us a serious nod to ‘Golden Era’ Hollywood glamour. Lots of silk to create voluminous dresses paired with extravagant diamonds, both fighting for attention. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or better yet, wear all of them at once! 
This is our evening wear inspiration for the upcoming party season (although admittedly we may trade in the ball gowns for something slightly more low key)

4 Ways to wear JMC Jewellery with the Silk Pearl 

The Boyfriend Silk Pearl + diamonds for days = the dream combo.
(From left to right)

Not just the silks

No one can deny that the silks and these jewels are a match made in heave, but thanks to our staple crisp collars and cuffs, all of our shirts lend themselves perfectly to be worn with this statement jewellery! As you can see below with our  Weave Celeste Blue, Fine Brushed Oat, Weave Ocean Blue stripe, Cabana Weave Blue stripe, Brushed Rain Blue Plaid, Poplin Morning Blue stripe - you get the jist right?
This means you can emulate these looks with any WNU you already own or with the one that's been sitting in your basket since payday...

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