WNU Woman: OFF THE CUFF with Odile Jordan

Ever wondered what a model’s morning routine is? Or perhaps you’re intrigued as to what they would never leave the house without? Or in this case, without doing...

Well, meet Odile. 

Model-come-writer-come-home-chef (the latter is yet to be confirmed by WNU, @Odile we are very happy to be guinea pigs) it’s fair to say there’s a lot under this girl’s belt, and luckily for us, she let us spend the day with her. So, follow us as we wake up with Odile (and let me tell you, yes, she does wake up like this, it's terribly unfair and also why we stay firmly behind the camera) and run errands around North West London whilst discussing very important topics including her favourite poem that she wrote, the top tips for visiting Rotterdam and which condiment should accompany your chips.


 “Overdressed or understated?” “Underdressed but over accessorised”

We found Odile on Instagram when she bought one of our shirts. Six months later we were in her open plan living room setting up with cameras and microphones. 
That’s true, by the way. We legit found her because she bought a WNU and tagged us, how cool?
Although we met online our relationship has always felt incredibly genuine  (this is almost sounding like a dating story?) and to highlight this we wanted to show Odile in her most authentic self for our Off The Cuff interview, which is why we asked her to style herself. That means every item you see her wearing is her own.


Filmed back in a slightly sunnier September, Odile opted for more casual styling focusing on wardrobe classics such as a great pair of jeans, loosely layered basics and a couple of gold necklaces - you can see why we got on so well huh.

Looking for autumnal inspo? Covet the model’s style by layering WNU’s staple Weave White with knitwear too, because hey, it is sweater vest season after all (and we loooove a sweater vest for transitional weather)



“Digital or paper?”

“Paper - 100 percent”



Other than modelling, and alongside her new university course, Odile is a writer of both prose and poetry, and she very kindly recited one for us during our interview. (It’s at 1 minute 42 seconds and it’s beautiful. Thank us later.) 
And if you fancy a further read, you can find all of Odile’s work here!

Whether you relax by jotting lines down in a notebook or by getting lost reading a book, we believe comfort is the key. So pull on your cosy brushed shirt - like Odile in our best selling Alaska -, throw your hair on top of your head and nestle into the corner of your sofa. Brownie points if you remember to put the kettle on before you get comfy.

Watch the interview now 

In this quick-fire question and answer interview, you can expect a small insight into a model's morning routine, to be moved by her poetry and to feel envious of Odile's covetable style.

Videographer: Luke Rance

Odile Jordan wears the Oxford Celeste Patchwork to start her day alongside a coffee (obvi), the Weave White as she gets food in for dinner with her Boyfriend, the Linen Sage as she writes new prose in her favourite cafe and the best-selling Brushed Alaska to relax in as she recites her work.


Odile Jordan seems wonderfully confident and authentically sweet. I imagine that she could be the most perfect Duchess!

Paulette White November 29, 2021

What a gorgeous girl. I need that patchwork shirt!

Susan Katon November 08, 2021

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