WNU Wear: What to wear this Easter Bank Holiday


At long last, everyone's favourite long bank holiday is but a bunny-hop (sorry), skip and a jump away and we are relishing the idea of four days off consuming a medically inadvisable amount of chocolate.
The majority of people fit into two categories when it comes to Easter: the host and the guest. One has the enormous task of preparing for the extended family coming to stay, a mountain of cooking and organising a highly elaborate easter egg hunt that is both competitive but also won't result in any tears from any of the participants. The other, turns up and, I must say, has a pretty great time. (Any guesses which category I fall into?)

Either way, this long weekend calls for a fresh take on your wardrobe; a selection of soft fabrics, Spring colours and pieces that can slip into smart or casj depending on your plans. Need some inspo? We’ve got you covered from the moment you clock off on Thursday…


This one's for when you want (need) to get from work to the pub in under an hour. All it requires is a few accessories and outfit tweaks; like swapping your suit trousers out, rolling up the sleeves on your shirt, adding a red lip or, quite literally, letting your hair down.
*This is a tried and tested method, 10/10 would recommend to a friend.


The thought of fish and chips really helps get through the annual hungover pilgrimage from London to your family home today doesn’t it? Travelling in comfort is key, of course, but by adding a casual shirt you
should manage to avoid any judgemental looks from your Mother when you arrive (also annual). 


And so the Easter traditions with the little ones begin: painting hard boiled eggs, flower pressing, baking cupcakes, visiting a petting zoo, the list goes on! Dressed in the soft shades of Mini Eggs, you will be ready for whichever activity you find yourself roped into today. N.B. Kids are messy, so don’t forget your apron.


Hello and welcome to the main event: the Easter Sunday Roast. (Cauliflower cheese you are coming
my way). Pair your favourite Weave Ocean Blue stripe shirt over a white, midi skirt for a feminine take on the Boyfriend, which hits the right balance between effortless and elegant. And don’t forget, there’s no Monday morning meeting tomorrow, so go on, pour yourself another glass of Malbec…


The gloriousness of that lie-in takes us by surprise every year doesn’t it? But reality is looming, so pull on this easy yet cool tonal look and tuck into a buttery toasted hot cross bun before heading back home. Warning - after such a wholesome weekend, try not to spill any coffee down your all-white-outfit, it will definitely put a damper on things. 

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