WNU WEAR: How to layer your shirt for Winter

Organic shirts + carbon negative knitwear = your fave combo ever

In true British fashion, the clocks went back and try as we may to not - although on the whole actually not trying very hard - all we can talk about is how dark it is by 5pm. That stereotype about brits only talking about the weather? Yeah… it’s bang on isn’t it.

BUT I am asking you to shift your focus to another, considerably better part of November: the transitional wardrobe.

Autumn is the best season for styling and you won’t convince us otherwise.

 You see, it’s all about layering; beautifully contrasting materials, subtly creating shape to your outfit, and of course staying super cosy too. * pretends to be shocked * Yes, it is possible to look cool and dress weather appropriately.

What’s WNU’s staple transitional look? Crisp cotton shirts with seriously soft knitwear, obvi, and for this blog post we have paired up with some of the best knits there are: Sheep Inc

Who are Sheep Inc?

They’re all about functional knits that are built to last, because, hey, it’s cool to care about the planet. They also make all their products from sheep’s wool, but you probably guessed that already. 

 Oh and fun fact - sheep wool is also moisture resistant and naturally temperature regulating, so it can warm you up when you’re cold and keep you cool when you’re warm. Perfect for the temperamental weather we have in the UK.

Look 1 

Does it get better than hues of blue*? We don’t think so either. Master the art of casual wear by throwing your jumper around your shoulders a la Jane Fonda and chucking on a pair of denim jeans, keeping your entire ‘fit tonal. Doing this is the easiest way to achieve an effortlessly cool look that genuinely was effortless. 

The shirt: The Boyfriend: Brushed Rain Blue Plaid

The jumper: Cloud Blue V-Neck

*You do know you’re shopping on WNU right? Yeah, we’re pretty big on blue. 

Look 2

We are never not looking to our ultimate #WNUWoman for styling inspo: Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy. Ever-chic, we have emulated her look by taking one of our classic white shirts and wearing it tucked under a more fitted crew neck jumper for an elegant yet simple everyday look. Like CBK and Catarina we’ve also kept to a tight colour palette focusing on the pop of that crisp white collar.  

The shirt: The Boyfriend: Weave White

The jumper:  Baltic Blue Crewneck Light

Look 3

Proof that we in fact do not exclusively wear blue. 

The most sumptuous shade of deep green… This is how you nail autumnal colouring, with natural earthy tones. Want to know the best part? These year-round neutral tones mean that not only can you wrap up in this shirt and knit combo for Winter, but also wear through both transitional seasons and also for cool summer evenings. Talk about more bang for your buck.

The shirt: The Boyfriend: Weave White

The jumper: Moss Green V-Neck

Look 4

Back again with some sneak-peak of the shirt styling, this time keeping it casj with our Oxford, AKA the ultimate weekend shirt. Achieve this easy, off duty look by pairing your soft shirt neatly tucked under an equally soft jumper, and using the light blue stripes to balance that block colour of the deep grey. Catch me copying this look as I head into the office on Friday.

The shirt: The Boyfriend: Oxford Celeste Blue

The jumper:  Anthracite Grey Crewneck Light

Look 5



A moment please for open collars and deep V necks; a slouchy fit for serious comfort lovers. Like @thestylesponge, we’ve gone tonal with our oversized shirt and jumper (we reckon you’ve gathered we're quite into a colour combo) and whilst these layers keep us cosy, we can also rely on our shirt’s staple tailoring to take this outfit from the sofa to out in town… and before heading back to the sofa again. 

The shirt: The Boyfriend: Celeste Blue

The jumper:  Tasman Blue V-Neck


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