WNU WEAR: Take your Boyfriend out for Coffee

Oh, this weather makes us wish that we could tangle up in a cocoon of blankets everyday.
But as tempting as that sounds we realise that this is not exactly realistic what with Autumn becoming the busiest time of year - was it always this crazy? 
This is where we call on our brushed cotton collection. 
If you are not familiar with our shirts yet, allow us to introduce you to the shirts you’ll reach for every morning and prolong taking off each evening.
In a thick material, these are our heaviest weight cotton shirts that we wear nearly daily throughout winter. They are super soft (thanks to a combing technique that you can read all about in our Materials guide) and lend themselves perfectly to layering, however look great on their own tucked into trousers too, and you can trust that they will keep you warm all day. (Do you remember that feeling when your mum told you off for wearing something that you thought looked good but “it’s just not weather appropriate”? Yeah well this shirt does both. Feel free to introduce them to your mum, just try not to look too smug).

“A mocha to go, please” 

Can there be a better combination than coffee and chocolate on cool days? Bittersweet, rich and smooth, a caffè mocha is the perfect treat, allowing us to feel decadent while also providing the much-needed caffeine fix.
You could say our new Mocha shirt emulates this indulgent drink, with its deep brown colour and luxurious super-soft feel that makes the shirt more-ish to wear… 

Where to wear: By the Fireplace

For a lazy evening of ultimate comfort, put on some cosy socks, cashmere joggers and a soft rib top. Layer up with your Mocha and you are ready to go absolutely nowhere; blimey that sound’s nice doesn’t it? Imagine curling up on your stuffiest armchair with a hot mug in one hand and a tantalising read in the other, while the fire softly crackles along. Divine. 

The Shirt: The Boyfriend: Brushed, Mocha 

“Can I have oat milk in mine?”

Our Fine Brushed Oat is the perfect milky cream shade that you can add to every outfit. Exceedingly soft, versatile and simple to style, it’s a true wardrobe staple. Pair it with a suede skirt and knee high boots for a look that’s all about texture and every bit effortlessly chic.

Where to wear: For a morning in town

Who knows what hidden gems you might discover along an autumnal stroll through your neighbourhood? A vintage record store or maybe an Antique dealer offering curiosities? At the end of your adventure, make sure to make a stop at your local coffee shop, settle down in a worn-out leather armchair and let the aromas of cinnamon, brown sugar and fresh ground coffee waft around you…hold on - did the hot barista just smile at you?

The Shirt: The Boyfriend: Brushed, Oat

The Look: Boots, Skirt

“Mine’s the herbal tea” 

There’s few things in life that a cup of tea cannot fix. Fragrant, piping hot and, most importantly, soothing, preparing a cup offers you a moment to slow down and reflect (like, does that passive aggressive email to Sue in your draft really need to be sent?).
We Brits love an english breakfast, but why not switch it up to a herbal tea today? Give a sage tea a go, afterall, the name of the herb is derived from the Latin word salvare, which translates to heal - Friday morning hangover we’re looking at you.
Sporting the same muted earthy colour as these dried leaves, our Sage shirt is the cosiest thing to wear when relaxing and is just as comforting as when someone says they’re popping the kettle on.

Where to wear: Take a trip to the Countryside

Wander around soft, earthy paths among the trees and take in the tranquillity that only nature can offer. Equipped with sturdy boots, a knit jumper and a really good coat you will be ready for a morning of ambling around and clearing your head, while the Sage’s velvety cotton will keep you just as toasty as the thermos in your backpack.

The Shirt: The Boyfriend:Brushed,Sage 

The Look:  Jumper, Trousers, Coats, Boots

“I know it’s cold but I still want it iced!”

Too cool for hot beverages? We heard the rattling of your iced coffee before you turned the corner.
Look cool without feeling it this season by choosing between the deep gem-blue of our Alaska or the pale icy tone of the Arctic, thrown on with a pair of jeans and trainers before making your way to the coast.

Where to wear: The Seaside

We love a winter beach trip! Wear your cosy shirt for a stroll along the seaside, where the brushed cotton will help you brave the salty breeze and let your worries be blown away.

The Shirts: The Boyfriend: Brushed, Arctic and The Boyfriend: Brushed, Alaska 

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