WNU Women: Jemima and Lucy


In their own WNU shirts, we introduce the incredible #WNUwomen that make up our community, self-styled and in their own words. 

Meet Jemima and Lucy, the amazing duo behind Tart London - fashion's most sought after caterers. 

WNU is over the moon to have collaborated with Tart London's restaurant Wild by Tart, pulling together a giveaway for one lucky winner. In the process, we decided to delve a little deeper into these founders, including how to be more sustainable with our food consumption, each other's best recipes and the easiest way to make your dish instantly better...

 Images supplied by Tart
A perfect pair?

A partnership that is built from a strong foundation of understanding and respect for one another, an underlying mutual love of cooking and all things to do with food- from farm to table- and most importantly a kind of sisterhood!


Day to Day?

At the moment, we are planning for when Wild by Tart can re-open; testing new recipes, planning new menus for the restaurant and private events. The Wild Store, our retail space, is a big focus for us at the moment, we are on the hunt for new brands to work with whilst working on a few exciting projects of our own. 


Best of British?

Buying locally sourced food is one of the best things we can do towards solving the worlds biggest problems- because knowing, seeing, feeling the actual place where your food comes from brings accountability. Nobody would buy cheap imported bacon if they could see where it comes from. Food produced seasonally on smaller farms for local consumption is generally tastier and healthier.


Best right now?

For us at the moment it's about slow cooking; delicious, nourishing and hearty dishes. We love spiced fallen apart meat with braised greens and citrusy yoghurt dolloped on top, umami fragrant broths with garlicky mushrooms, silky noodles and herbs and taking the time to make proper old fashioned oatmeal with stewed fruits spiked with cinnamon and cardamom.



Daily uniform?

Oversized shirts, blue jeans and trainers 


Your WNU?

We have quite the collection, we style them in many ways- from the classic boyfriend buttoned up style, to wearing them open like a jacket to then tying them around the mid waist with a high waisted skirt. 


Wrapping up?

Jemima: My mother in law Annabel put a big cashmere scarf/blanket in my stocking this Christmas, from the Debonnaire store, made in Napals with a depiction of a walking a dog  embroidered around the edges. It's heaven! 

Lucy: I love my Aessai shawl, which I wrap up in on a daily basis.


Aching to wear?

Jemima: Statement booties with a little black dress! 

Lucy: My husband gave me a beautiful long pink dress for Christmas - I can't wait to wear it for a special occasion.



A step in the right direction?

To eat less meat and always free range and grass fed.


Add a little spice?

Sea salt, lemon and olive oil! (always the easiest way to make your dish instantly better)


Each other's kitchen triumphs?

Jemima: Lucy's famous cardamom and raspberry tart, with a crunchy nutty base. Yummmmmm!!!

Lucy: Ooo this is a hard one! So many, either her spiced smoked haddock croquettes with crispy curry leaves, her aubergine and peanut curry or her spiced lentils with whipped feta curd.


The icing on the cake?

Despite it not being the smoothest first year of opening, we are so proud of Wild by Tart, which has to be the highlight of our careers. It’s our dream space and it's an incredible feeling when you see it full of our wonderful customers - we just can’t wait to enjoy it properly without the interruption of lockdowns! 



Best place in the world?

Jemima: The enchantment of being in southern India- the smells, the beauty, the colours, the noise, the tastes and the people. It's so evocative and inspiring. The style in which they cook is like magic to me, the combination of spices and fresh ingredients is spectacular.

Lucy: Our place in Mallorca, it is a beautiful old convent and is so incredibly peaceful, I really love it there.. I am hoping to get married there this year! I normally bring back suitcases full of oranges at this time of year to make marmalade with, I haven’t been able to do that this year sadly due to the travel ban.


One thing you wish you knew earlier?

To trust that gut feeling!


You can't put down/your chosen soundtrack?

Jemima: I have read two fantastic books in the last few months that I couldn't recommend more- Pachinko and The Hearts Invisible Furies

Lucy: I Loved Where the Crawdads SingI also really enjoyed American Dirt, although I lost the book while close to the end, I must buy it again to find out what happens, its an awful feeling not finishing a book! Currently reading Trio by William Boyd.


Something to give back to?

Farms not factories, a charity started by Tracy Worster, fighting to close the barbaric factory farms that pigs have to endure and suffer in. It should be criminalised! 

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